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How Much can you Really Make as a Lash Artist?

Sep 09, 2022


Anytime you are considering a career change or investing in a course or new opportunity, there are so many things to consider. Does it match your skillset? Is there room for growth? Does the schedule fit your lifestyle? But one of the most important questions we often need to be answered is, what is the income potential?

Although this can vary by location, being a lash artist can provide a substantial income, practicing solo and even more so if you start your own salon!

Based on 15 clients per week, a new lash artist can anticipate making between $900-$1,800 per week, and experienced artists in the field can make between $1,200-$2,700 per week. 

The benefits are not just financial; being a lash artist offers so many opportunities to build relationships with clients, and is a career where you can help others feel better about themselves every day!

Considering becoming a lash artist? We are getting ready to launch our new Classic Lash Extention Course online and would love to have you join! 

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