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How A Well Structured Cancellation Policy Can Save You Thousands

Oct 24, 2022

Although not in our titles as salon owners, lash artists, and stylists, it is a well-known fact that customer service is a huge part of our jobs! For many of us in the field, client relationships are often the favorite part of our roles in the salon.

.... until it comes to the topic of cancellations. As much as we want to give our clients the benefit of the doubt and grace, the reality is, client cancellations can be incredibly damaging to your bottom line.

A cancellation here and there doesn't seem like much, but just one cancellation per day over the course of the year can cost a stylist $20,000+, which is not only a large blow to income but also can cause a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration to the stylist!

When creating a policy, keep a few things in mind:

1) Keep it simple and direct. Make sure your clients understand this is a rule, not a suggestion. 

2) Be very clear with consequences, whether that is a deposit, cancellation fee, no show protection, pre-payment and / or ending the client relationship after a certain number of issues; make sure they understand the expectations.

3) When starting out, often it is hard to put boundaries in place because we are so eager to build a client base. This is a time when an abundance mindset becomes so important- be confident in your ability to build a client base that respects your time and is happy to follow the policies you have created! 

Although creating a policy can feel overwhelming and awkward, a simple clear policy is a great way to set healthy boundaries with clients and protect your livelihood. Keep shining babes!

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