Are you ready to stop guessing, and build your business the right way?

Wish you had Google for your lash career? Look no further!


⚡️ Grow & maintain a clientele

⚡️ Perfect your retention

⚡️ Scale your business

⚡️ Start a team



YES! Let's be Besties!

"I took a lash course, but now I'm feeling stuck"


Imagine the possibilities...


✔️  You have a business plan & roadmap to your goals.

✔️  You have a seasoned professional on speed dial.

✔️  You know how to attract your DREAM clients & KEEP them!

✔️  You've perfected your retention

✔️  You're transitioning your clients to your employees, and stepping into your role as a CEO.

YES! Let's be Besties!


Introducing Lashes & Leadership's:

YES! Let's be Besties!


Complete with...

A 60 minute coaching call

Get to know Judy! You'll have a 60 minute coaching call to assess your goals, then create a roadmap of how to get you there!
YES! Let's be Besties!

Unlimited Facebook Messenger support

Get INSTANT support & answers to your questions through Facebook Messenger! You'll have access to Judy Monday-Friday 7am-7pm EST
YES! Let's be Besties!

A professional: in your back pocket!

Have a seasoned professional on speed dial to help troubleshoot any speed bumps along the way!
YES! Let's be Besties!

What if...


🔥  You had comfort knowing the next steps to success.

🔥  You're already on your way to financial freedom. 

🔥  Your salon is overflowing with new clientele

🔥  You have a group of amazing employees who believe in your business.

🔥  You're able to only take clients when you want to. 

YES! Let's be Besties!

Judy will be there for you to... 


🖤  Cheer you on. 

🖤  Support you on your journey to start, and grow your business.

🖤  Support you in leading a team

🖤  Help you start new streams of income

🖤  Guide you in reaching your goals

🖤  Empower you to be the best version of yourself

YES! Let's be Besties!


Coaching... Curated just for you. 

YES! Let's be Besties!

Hey Bestie! I'm Judy, I can't wait to get to know you and share my knowledge and experience!  


When I started in the lash industry almost 8 years ago, I felt alone and lost. There weren't many lash experts out there. I straight up googled my questions, I mean it's google... surely the answers are on there, right? But the truth is, there wasn't a lot of information. 


I was struggling with retention and finding good quality products. I didn't know how to market myself. I didn't know how or what to say to network. I didn't know what good contracts were, liability waivers, assessments, etc. I was a solo lash artist who wanted to grow my business but didn't have anyone to bounce ideas off of. I struggled for years to get our salon up and going. 


I know how it feels to be alone! I saw a gap in the lash industry and wanted to give back, so "Lash Bestie" was created! 


If you feel a fire in your soul to grow your business, want to attract your dream clients, and increase your revenue, you're in the right place.
Your dream life is waiting...💖
YES! Let's be Besties!
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