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Advance your skillset, grow your business, build confidence and learn eyelash extensions!

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  • Starting your business was fun, and this will be too. 

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"But I don't know how to start, what supplies I'll need or how I'm going to get the hands on experience"


  • You had all the supplies you needed to get started right away

  • You were trained by an expert with 8 years experience

  • You knew all the ins and outs of lash application

  • You could confidently show off your skills within a couple hours

  • You could start making money right away!

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🔥You've filled your books with ideal clients

🔥You know how to attract rockstar team members who want to work with you and be a part of your vision

🔥Imagine where you could be at if you had a second brain in your business..

🔥Imagine if you could ask all the questions...

🔥Imagine if you had 8+ years of business/artistry in your brain...

🔥Imagine if you had someone to help you get to the next level... 

🔥Imagine if you perfected your work, strategized, delegated, increased sales, revenue and profit...

🔥 Imagine if you could do what you wanted to do...

lntroducing Lashes & Leadership's Online Classic Lash Extension Course

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In this experience here's what you're going to get:

Hands on training with step by step direction

An in-depth e-book broken down piece by piece, module by module to guide you in your lash extension training.

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Lifetime access to self paced video demonstrations at your fingertips

You will learn exactly how to safely apply, prep, fill, care for and remove eyelash extensions within these video demonstrations.

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Lash Boss Box

Inside this box you'll get a mannequin head, lash trays, adhesive, tweezers, eye pads and MUCH MORE.

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When you walk into your salon, what if you saw...

🔥 Your business is booming.

🔥 Your books are completely full.

🔥 You're giving your clients the confidence they deserve.

🔥 You have referrals walking through your door wanting your skillset that not everybody has.

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30 Seconds to Better Retention Checklist

  • Retention and how well your client's lashes hold is our goal. This FREE checklist will help troubleshoot additional causes and how to fix it. ($17 value)
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One Month Lash Bestie Coaching

  • An amazing environment where you can ask all your questions and have them answered immediately with INSTANT support.
  • Have a lash expert in your back pocket when you run into a problem you need help troubleshooting.
  • A 60 minute coaching call to assess your dreams and create a roadmap on how to get there. ($297 value)
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Tips on How to Grow your Salon

  • Level up your game and grow your salon TODAY with these 4 exclusive tips! ($47 value)
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↓↓ Student work ↓↓

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The time and energy Judy puts into her business and training is top notch! I've witnessed it first hand and impressive is an understatement! These kits she puts together for her training classes are amazing!! So much knowledge and perfected talent, that she wants to share it with other women and empower them!


Past Lashes & Leadership Student


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The training offered by Judy and her team is innovative and fun! The course material is comprehensive and strikes a good balance of theory and practical instruction. The superior quality lash products provided in the kit are the necessary tools to master your technique and grow your lash business. 

Kittanning Beauty Academy

Past Lashes & Leadership Student


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I took my first lash class with Judy while I was in school studying esthetics. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to begin or further their education. I was able to learn so much in a calm, judge free zone. We took our time learning and any questions we had we answered thoroughly and with care. Judy still stays in contact with all of her students and is always willing to help answer any questions we have!

- K.B. 

Past Lashes & Leadership Student


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Meet the mind behind Lashes & Leadership

Judy Watt

Salon Owner Lash Expressions

CEO Lashes & Leadership

I am a beach lover and a hustling and bustling mom-preneur! As a mom of 3, I keep myself crazy busy, but any down time I do have is spent with family and friends eating at new restaurants, beach trips, reading motivational literature, binging on Netflix, or swimming! ⛱💪🏻
Just like many of you, I wanted to find something I was good at, flexible with my family and lifestyle and profitable!
When I first started in the lash world 8 years ago, I didn't feel credible or professional enough, or that my business was even a "real business" - I didn't have it all together, I didn't know everything, but ya know what, we don't need to be perfect; we just need to start!
Taking a course like this will help you level up your game, become a professional, empower others, build confidence and attract dream clients!
Let's create magic together in your business!
✓ if you're ready to impact lives and make a difference in your own, join HERE! 
My mission is to empower women to tap into their potential to create a life YOU dream of. 💻🎨  I'm an esthetician, salon owner of Lash Expressions located in Butler, Pennsylvania and a boss babe CEO of Lashes and Leadership passionate about empowering women and like minded entrepreneurs scale their beauty business through products, courses and coaching! 🚀  
Leveling up their time, education, success and financial freedom so that their dream life can become real life! 🔥🎉
Your dream life is waiting....🏖 
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